Active Supply Chains

We provide services that are built around demonstrable, proven processes for designing and implementing efficiencies in your Supply Chain, followed with sound practices for managing for continuous bottom line improvement.

We are a supply chain integrator - we assemble and manage the resources, capabilities and technology of your organisation through partnerships with complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive and flexible supply chain solution.



As your logistics partner, we can work with you in a number of areas in your supply chain


Network planning & optimisation
Capacity planning
Carrier management
Warehouse management
Inventory optimisation
Visibility & process monitoring
Settlement / Logistics accounting


Process assessment
Best practices & benchmarking
KPI measurement, dashboards and implementation
Continuous improvement
Leveraging the network
Issues and Opportunity Assessment
Improvement program development and implementation



Network design & modeling
Process design
Functional technology (eg. TMS)
Partnership Advocacy and Bid Support
Warehouse Systems and Design
Carrier/3PL support

Network design & modeling
Process design
Functional technology (eg. TMS)
Carrier/3PL support


Transition support
Merger support
Change management
Horizontal Collaboration
Supplemental staff
Process monitors

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Tel: (26 4) 2212820, Mail:

Tel: (26 4) 2212820, Mail:

AActive Supply Chains
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