Our History

Active Supply Chains commenced in Australia in 2002 as DNA Supply Chains. 


Newtons Cradle showing Australia and South Africa on globeOur group's supply chain expertise originally vested within the South African Services Management Group or SMG. Included in SMG's founding group were a number of the players in our group. SMG became listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange as DNA Supply Chains. DNA Supply Chains was a joint venture between South African DNA and local executive owners. A management buy-out early in 2005 resulted in full ownership of DNA Supply Chains Asia Pacific transferring to the Australian Shareholders. That transaction also involved a name change to Active Supply Chains.



Nucleus Supply Chain Management is a South African business owned and managed by some of the SMG and DNA South Africa founders. It is the leading independent 4PL Supply Chain Management business in Africa.  The stakeholders of Active Supply Chains and Nucleus Supply Chain Management have worked on joint projects in Australasia for over ten years and continue to do so in order to capitalise on complimentary knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of customers.

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Brands at Buckingham, New York , America

Tel: (26 4) 2212820, Mail: info@joomlart.com

Tel: (26 4) 2212820, Mail: info@joomlart.com

AActive Supply Chains
101 Camberwell Road
Hawthorn East Victoria 3123 Australia

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