Lean Supply Chain

Lean Supply Chain Review using Lean Value Stream Mapping.


Lean is a set of principles and techniques for transforming business processes to increase speed, minimise waste, and maximise customer value.

  • Lean Supply Chain project methodology starts with understanding the Value Stream, where value and non value added activities occurring and identifying 7 types of Muda (Waste).
  • Waste can be measured in time, inventory and unnecessary costs.
  • Value added activities are those that contribute to efficiently placing the final product at the customer.
  • The supply chain and the inventory contained in the chain should flow.
  • Any activity that stops the flow should create value,and any activity that touches inventory should create value.

Five Lean principles identified when mapping your  Supply Chain

  • Value – Define value from the perspective of the customer
  • Flow – Understand the process and clear any obstacles that don’t add value
  • Pull – Initiate work only when requested by the customer
  • Responsiveness – Be able to respond to change
  • Perfection – Continuously refine the process to improve efficiency, cycle time, costs and quality


The benefits of Lean Supply Chain:

  • Reduced cycle times
  • The ability to deliver every time at the same cost to the business
  • Predictable throughput times from better labour utilization
  • Improved working capital positions from reduced inventory
  • Lower warranty and customer service costs from improved quality

The typical  seven wastes in Lean Supply Chains

  • Over-production or Processing ahead of demand
  • Waiting for the next processing step
  • Unnecessary transport
  • Over-processing of parts
  • Inventory more than the absolute minimum
  • Unnecessary movements
  • Defective parts
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